OMD Oasis Day 3 | Stories, stories, stories!

Day three at the OMD Oasis had many stories that mattered. From Jack Dorsey talking about capturing the real-time, cultural zeitgeist to A. G. Sultberger on conquering the importance of truth. The most significant summary from the day was diversity – of talent, of technology, of transformation. The first panel addressed unconscious bias and how to hire for curiosity. The last panel showcased the diversity of humans and machines to remove subjectivity in finding creative excellence at the most prominent levels.

To make stories matter, we need distinct perspectives. To make stories matter, we must push the idea of story sharing (not just storytelling). And, to make stories matter the most, we must model the behaviour we expect ourselves.

Here are some more highlights from the day including the art of storytelling in the addressable age and how publishers and platforms are meeting the challenge of progressive innovation in the age of storytelling:

1. Following the fireside chat between Mainardo de Nardis, CEO, OMD Worldwide and Tim Armstrong, CEO, Oath, OMD’s Chrissie Hanson reflects on the launch strategy for Verizon’s newly merged AOL-Yahoo business, ‘Oath’.

2. OMD USA’s Ben Winkler talks to The Washington Post’s Jarrod Dicker about fake news, the drivers behind it, the affect it is having and the potential solutions.–PqLNBMalem-aiwQhHnJZPwanWUjje59QhYofYM1X5CgDQJ1HLRnZXeb8sjIkpzcb_82jm8hiNbwy0-1s6aMiIlzcvth4zKu_-pWFzzTD3fuvR6jE&_hsmi=53411733

3. Creating connections that count. OMD’s Laura Kell reviews yesterday’s discussions on how machine learning can help us better understand and connect with our consumers and the power of data-driven storytelling in educating the children of the world.

4. Following today’s session, OMD EMEA’s Chief Content Officer, Joanna Lawrence sits down with Hasbro’s Lisa Gersh to discuss the art of storytelling in the addressable age.


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