David Shing Fresh from Cannes

Shingy is back from his French Riviera adventure and he came to OMD HQ to take us through some of his highlights.

Cannes is exhausting and huge! 15,000 people descend on La Croisette from 94 countries. There are 24 category awards, 43,000 entries considered, 400 judges, 26 Grand Prix winners (la crème de la crème) and 300+ speakers.

The brand of the year for him was Samsung. They were everywhere: events, experiences and these guys were constantly talking about VR.

For Shingy, when it comes to the Cannes Lions Awards, one of his favourite quotes comes to mind “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.” Here are the campaigns that caught his eye:

After the presentation, I asked Shingy how should a young professional be creative in media and this is what he said:

“They should play with all the platforms as consumers; experiment them all, understand how a brand could integrate with the platform before dragging the brand in to it.

“Understand where the brand should be: not all brands should be on all platforms. Not all brands should have a real time market, it’s about having a relevant market – right time, right place, right messaging.”

Check out a recent article Shingy wrote for Adweek here.

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Au revoir chaps! (Champagne cork popping sound!)


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