Cannes Lions Festival: Creating a media channel as top pick for media trend

There are some media trends we are all expecting: there will a big leap towards more personalised (addressable) campaigns such as the fabulous Taco Emoji Engine.  There will also undoubtedly be more contextual campaigns, like The Economist and our very own Hunted for Channel 4 and data fuelled real time campaigns such as Grab A Seat It’s Pimm’s O’clock. But you know all that.

Instead, I want to talk about the media trend you might not have spotted. Because it’s not about the use of existing media channels – it’s about the creation of new ones, often in unexpected places.

What do you do when you don’t have budget to get share of voice? Or you have a hard-to-reach audience? Or perhaps you want to create impact in a highly contextual environment? I’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of brands creating new media channels – which us media folk find hugely exciting.

Here are my top picks from last year – with the exception of Red Light App which was the media category Grand Prix Winner from 2015 and too good not to include. Expect to see more of this trend in 2017!

  1. Donation Icons, Oxfam donation
  2. The Swedish number, Swedish Tourist Association
  3. Share the Load, Ariel,
  4. Red Light App, Vodafone
  5. Amnesty International Unblocker, Amnesty International

See you back here next week for more commentary on Cannes Lions Festival 2017 from the team and OMD UK.


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