OMD Oasis Day 2 | People & politics, AI, and the importance of education

Wow. Day two in Cannes done, and what a day it’s been. The frenetic pace of the festival is both inspiring and overwhelming in equal measures…but in a good way. At the OMD Oasis we kicked off with a deeper understanding of people and politics with an opening from Mark Thompson and Andrew Ross Sorkin from The New York Times. Mark talked eloquently about how we need to build our own future because today we can’t rely on anything.

We often talk about how we can crowdsource the best content and processes allowing brands to collaborate and create content at pace. Well, the talk with HuffPost, CBS Interactive, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh and ourselves at OMD tackled exactly this. One of the key outtakes was that having a ruthless focus, passion and tenacity wins the day, as Amani demonstrated.  Amani’s site Muslim Girl has seen huge growth due to these principals and her story is fascinating. Armani went on to discuss her journey in more detail with OMD’s Claudia Cahill (full video linked below).

Something (or maybe someone) that doesn’t care much for politics are machines. The disruption sure to be caused by AI is something we all need to be plugged into. In the Oasis, OMD’s Jean-Paul Edwards shared the results of our new research titled Retail Revolution, where we take a closer look at its impact.

The jam-packed day was wrapped up with a panel centered around investing in education, where global thought leaders shared their points of view on how to overcome barriers to inclusive and equitable learning opportunities with breakthrough storytelling grounded in data and insights.

For those of you who are interested in even more exciting content, have a look at these three picks from the day:

1. Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, author and entrepreneur, talks to OMD’s Claudia Cahill about the creation and journey of Muslim Girl and her recent collaboration with Orly.–QS06X9fecUwM7BNGD9OIWsVsOFWUBZHptKIAvCfZtOd47ldg8vr-X0VLo2T3gHBmKRcsyTO6HnMMbYQ7M3GJGqI7p99xoyaAwE29f_Wicx-Hka3A&_hsmi=53351758

2. After a day in the Palais OMD’s Chrissie Hanson discusses how we can bring together science and art to power creativity.

3. The New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin and Mark Thompson debate how we can build strong businesses in an unstable world.–cIDirujN5al3ChTMur3Po7zlPnCp1mcOpxVCStWXkStibfvY9WUqgqp1kJPGXP8pR-6Xp8hQammOtV5TmqtXGffem87Cto2Lva701Mojq4ArZlKo&_hsmi=53351758


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