OMD UK x Eastside Young Leaders Academy: Work experience from both sides of the desks

With the Summer holidays commencing, many students have started work experience programmes and placement opportunities over the last few weeks, to gain new skills sets and experiences. For some, it will add vital skills to add their CV’s.

The Eastside Young Leaders Academy (EYLA) is set up to create leaders of character and purpose for tomorrow’s world, drawn from those most in need in grassroots communities. Our partnership with the EYLA is created for OMD UK to help EYLA students to learn and develop new skillsets for their futures. We do this through various talks, creative sessions, mentoring and – you guessed it – work experience.

Two weeks ago, OMD UK opened its doors to 13 wide-eyed students from the Eastside Young Leaders Academy… One of our OMDer’s, Sandy Kaur – an account manager and a member of our Diversity & Inclusivity team – volunteered herself to be a buddy to one of the students, Laura Carlos. Here, they both recall their experience from the last two weeks…

Sandy Kaur-  OMD UK, Account Manager

In my team, we value the development of essential, transferable skills and experiences. Hosting our first work experience with the EYLA since our partnership with them first launched gave us a chance to curate a thorough and rewarding programme for students to sink their teeth into.

We wanted to introduce students to our values, priorities and our way of working as early as possible. A lot of our work requires us to solve business challenges and consistently deliver better work for our clients. As well as desk-based tasks, we wanted the EYLA students to leave OMD UK with some new knowledge. They had the chance to drop into Google and ITV’s offices, learning valuable skills in communication as well as questioning staff members through our internal speed mentoring asking advice on school life and careers.

I had the pleasure of being a buddy to Laura who by the end of the two-week programme, put together an excellent PowerPoint presentation on Influencer Marketing due to her huge interest in YouTubers and personal expertise. The presentation blew us away with the level of research Laura undertook, as well as the slick design of the deck and her vast knowledge of the topic. Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with and showed huge potential – she even taught me a thing or few!

Laura Carlos, EYLA, Student 

“I really enjoyed my time here at OMD.

I never really thought of working at a media or marketing agency, but I found it really interesting and gained quite an insight here.

Thank you!”

Justin Faibil, EYLA, Student 

Thank you for offering me work experience at OMD, I really enjoyed my experience especially learning the strategy and logic behind advertising. Working at OMD has made me realise that I might want to go into advertising in the future.

Giovanni Buabeng, EYLA, Student 

Though I found it quite hard to adapt to the atmosphere, however, I really enjoyed my time here ay OMD UK.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Vanessa Mensah,  EYLA, Student 

The best experience ever! I have learnt so much and I cannot wait to share everything I’ve learnt about the world of media.

Lily Ngo,  EYLA, Student 

My experience has been extraordinary and really fun; I would love to spend more time here! The staff have been really friendly and welcoming! ????

Godfred Adomako,  EYLA, Student 

My experience at OMD was quite eye-opening, due to the act that, I was treated like an adult and given task such as research which was actually incorporated in preparation for the Eurotunnel campaign. Working with the Eurotunnel Client Leadership Team, alongside Kate, Robyn and Suzi was an absolute honour – all of whom I’ve learnt a lot from. I genuinely feel a bit of sorrow leaving, however, the insight, experience and knowledge I have gain will most certainly put ahead of my competition on my journey to success.

Thank you for everything

Nyameke Francis,  EYLA, Student 

During my time at OMD, I have learnt a lot about the advertising industry such as buying the spots for ads directly or using programmatic it was also good to learn about how the relationship between OMD and its clients works to ensure that the ads are as effective as possible.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity

Samuel Olubiyi,  EYLA, Student 

First of all, I would just like to say thank you for making me feel welcome and helping me just simply do things here at OMD. Matt and the rest of the Annalect have been so good to me.   OMD is the first place I’ve done work experience and I would say that I really enjoy having a “job”. I’ve learnt so much from how to be punctual to learning formulas on Excel.

Melina Cocelli,  EYLA, Student 

Thank you for allowing me to settle in comfortably and sharing this wonderful experience. I will forever cherish and remember this experience. Me being part of HR department has opened a new world, especially meeting lovely and generous ladies. HR created a new perspective and showed me that every sector and team plays a significant role. Many thanks!


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