OMD UK Covid-19 Consumer Impact Report- Week 62

Following a sunny Bank Holiday weekend you can find the key take outs from this week’s Covid-19 Consumer Impact report below. 

Summary: Happiness was high this Bank Holiday and consumer confidence remained steady but mixed emotions towards the easing of lockdown are evident

  • Happiness levels have overtaken pre-pandemic levels after a 2ppt increase this week, though levels of life satisfaction and optimism are down
  • Confidence in the government has decreased 6ppts, with criticism around their handling of COVID-19 variants and travelling abroad, bolstered by the new Cummings evidence
  • There was less reliance on public spaces or remote communication to connect with friends or family over the latest Bank Holiday than the Bank Holidays in April and the beginning of May
  • 23% of the population stated that worry is the most prominent emotion towards the easing of lockdown restrictions that have taken place in May but a significant proportion of the population are pleased with this change (17% positive, 12% relieved, 9% happy) and many others are unfazed (17% OK/fine and 9% relaxed)
  • Though there have been declining levels of interest in out of home activities week, the number of people booking to out of home activities at venues, such as the cinema (+3ppts), live events (+3ppts), theatre (+1ppt) or watching sport out of home (+3ppts), has increased
  • There have been increasing percentages of people that feel comfortable returning to out of home activities since the decline in January 2021, with considerable increases for social activities and hospitality settings in May.

You can read the full report below:

OMD UK COVID-19 Consumer Impact Report – Week 62

If you have any questions about any of the data, please contact [email protected].


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