OMD FWD- 4th October

Hot off the press ????

Nintendo has launched it’s latest free-to-play mobile game Mario Kart Tour. According to data-tracking intelligence firm Apptopia, on its debut the game received over 10.1 million downloads worldwide. These record-breaking results surpassed first day downloads of other popular app games, such as Pokémon Go and  Clash Royale. Fancy a race? ????????

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‘Alexa, find me a McJob?’ McDonald’s is now accepting job applications through Alexa and Google Assistant.

‘Paid Partnership with…’ Instagram continues to improve transparency by adding branded content tags to IGTV.

Want to advertise your brand on AR & VR platforms? Get to know PubMatic, who allows you to do just that.

Can AI save our lives? Research suggests that AI can make medical diagnoses just as well as humans.








Snapchat has relaxed its time constraints for ads, allowing marketers to deliver videos of up to three minutes long.

Trust matters. LinkedIn was voted the number one trusted social platform for the third year running, closely followed by Pinterest – everyone’s favorite scrapbook.

Calling all media planners! The ONS suggests that internet usage peaks at 9pm on Wednesdays.

Mobile operator, Three, has launched the world’s first holographic 5G ad showing people what it is like to have super-fast mobile tech at their fingertips.


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