OMD FWD- 3rd June

In case you missed all the controversy over the new WhatsApp privacy policy – that if users hadn’t accepted the new policy by May 15th, then they were to lose all functionality of the app. Turns out that didn’t happen… click here to find out why and for the latest update from WhatsApp.

Scroll down to discover more updates, from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as more information on the latest Snap Spectacles release.

Express yourself with emojis ????

Twitter is continuing to work on its new icons for the release of emoji-style reaction buttons. The four options will include ‘cheer’, ‘hmm’, ‘sad’ and ‘haha’.

Now you can hide your Likes 

FB and Insta have released an opt-in experience that hides likes. This allows users to disable seeing likes on posts, with an option to hide their own.

New specs from Snap Inc. ????

As we shared in the last FWD, Snap Inc. has revealed the fourth version of Snap Spectacles. The glasses connect to Snapchat’s AR lenses and Lens Studio – designed to increase appeal for creators. The glasses are not for sale yet, but creators can sign-up to request a pair.



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