OMD FWD- 29th April

Apple challenged and motivated its Apple Watch users to get moving! First, inviting the wearable tech users to do a workout on Earth Day and then by taking part in a dance workout on International Dance Day for the chance to win limited-time awards. Could this mean smartwatches are the gym instructors of the future?

Scroll down to discover the latest Spotify and Amazon updates, as well as a digital concierge that makes the moving process less stressful.

Start subscribing on Spotify ???? 

The podcast subscription service means that you won’t miss the latest episode of your favorite podcast and creators can charge fans extra for exclusive content.

Haircuts at the Amazon salon ????

You can now test different hair colors using an AR mirror. Using QR codes to scan, you’ll be able to buy products on – you guessed it – Amazon.

Moving but made digital ????

Dwellcome welcomes new residents or visitors to the neighborhood. A digital concierge offers personalized recommendations; such as amenities, physicians, schools, dining and retail. Businesses can also leverage the platform to promote services.


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