OMD FWD- 23rd April

Everyone in the industry is still talking about audio! As we mentioned in last week’s FWD, Clubhouse is growing fast. Now Facebook is starting to roll out Clubhouse-inspired audio features, including Live Audio Rooms. Reddit has also officially announced ‘Reddit Talk’, providing another way for users to interact with subreddits.

Scroll down to discover the latest Facebook and TikTok updates, as well as a health care start-up that uses the cloud to streamline services and operations.

Facebook + Spotify partner up ???? 

Facebook is turning the volume up on its relationship with music. Users will be able to listen to music via Spotify while browsing through its apps.

TikTok means real business ????

Meet the ‘Business Creative Hub’. TikTok is looking to help brands tap into the latest trends with the addition of a new content showcase for business accounts.

Health care made modern

PointClickCare is changing the senior care game! The start-up is harnessing cloud-based solutions for health care management to connect patient care, services and financial operations.



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