OMD FWD 20th November

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Fancy a game of Call of Duty? Research by Oxford University shows that people spending longer playing video games are happier than those that don’t. Looks like it’s time to put down our smartphones and pick up a games console.

Read on to discover the latest updates from Snap and Netflix, as well as a startup securing motorcycle safety: Ride Vision.

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Seek your star sign on Snapchat ????
Snapchat has launched a mystical feature called Astrological Profiles. This will give users insights into their star signs, and what it means for their relationships.

Fast Laughs now on Netflix ????
Netflix’s latest experiment involves delving into the short-form video content realm. This includes funny clips from both originals and licensed programming.

Motorcycles being made safer ????️
Using an AI-powered safety system, Ride Vision’s technology analyzes traffic patterns in real-time, identifies riders’ blind spots, and alerts when a rider is too close to another vehicle. Safety must come first!


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