OMD FWD- 17th October

It’s OK to not be OK! As awareness surrounding mental health continues to increase, so has the number of wellness apps and other technological services to help those affected. It has been estimated that there are over 325,000 apps available, with 45% of this surveys participants finding these apps through social media. Click here to discover the top apps available for you to use to boost your well-being. #WorldMentalHealthDay

#ThrowbackThursday is now an app feature on Instagram called ‘Create’. The “On This Day” option will show a random feed post you shared on the same day in the past.

Customer data concerns continue… LinkedIn’s efforts to stop data companies from collecting information from their users professional profiles is blocked by US courts.

LEGO collaborates with ‘cultural creators’ on a three-part YouTube mini-film series to showcase the importance of the brand as a building block for stars across music, sports and fashion.

Storage Almost Full! Pinterest, introduces a “Lite” version of its app to meet the needs of emerging markets who require faster downloads and an app that takes up less storage space.


Fab Facts 

According to a recent Global Web Index report, 40% of Gen-Z’s use social media as their primary channel for any brand and product research.

The Unicode Consortium revealed what the top three most popular emojis used online are ????❤️????. What are your favourite emoji to use?

Diversify or die! Uber moves beyond transport as they acquire Latin American grocery company called Cornershop. The investment is expected to close in 2020

Love it or hate it… Marmite creates a 15-minute hypnotic mind-control experience that will try to convert haters of the spread into lovers #MarmiteMindControl ????




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