OMD FWD 16th July

For many of us, it feels like a lifetime ago that we stepped foot into an office.This 7-minute video from Apple perfectly sums up “the whole working-from-home thing” and the experiences we’ve all had navigating the new normal.

Instagram introduces a pin ????

This is not just any pin, the pin gives creators more control over the tone of their profiles. Three comments will be allowed to stick to the top of a thread.

No awkward name blunders ????

LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature designed to help others pronounce your name correctly. Users can record 10-second clips on how to say a name.

Twitter is on a secret mission ????

Codenamed “Gryphon”, Twitter is working on a new subscription platform. The only details that have been released are via a job posting. How mysterious…

Google can see into the future ????

Google Analytics traditionally helps users measure the actions people take across your website. Now it can predict future actions people may take. Game-changer!

WFH workouts meet tech ????  

From Tangram Factory, Smart Rope is a workout tool that connects to a mobile app; allowing a user to track their workout and progress against friends/other Smart Rope users.



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