OMD FWD- 10th January

Welcome to the first FWD of the decade!

We have begun 2020 with a front row seat to the future as OMD USA, together with our clients and partners from around the world, have descended on CES in Las Vegas to get a glimpse of the technology trends to watch.

CES is not just about the weird and wonderful gadgets. Check out the #OMDCES2020 coverage, as we continue our quest to find out what is resonating with consumers and discover new ways of delivering Better decisions, faster for our clients.

Away from the bright lights of Vegas, read on to discover the latest digital news and trends!

Mercedes-Benz premiered a new concept car called Vision AVTR at CES, inspired by the movie Avatar. Test drive, anyone?

NFL’s CIO, Michelle McKenna, told CES that this year’s Super Bowl will be the first to offer 5G in-venue connectivity to fans.

TikTok was the star platform for holiday campaigns, as beauty brands increasingly turn to TikTok Influencers.

Snapchat is launching Bitmoji TV, where your avatar can become the star of a personalized cartoon show.


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