Advertising Week 2020: Mastering Addressability in a CTV-first World

Overview of the session:

CTV is redefining what it means to watch TV, and programmers and advertisers need to establish new, effective methods for reaching viewers with precision and accuracy. Targeting on CTV requires a different approach than for traditional broadcast TV. With ad spend on OTT growing exponentially, data partners getting in the game, and CTV maturing, addressable targeting is entering the space in a big way.

Key takeaways:

  1. CTV is bordering the lines of OTT & Linear TV with the development of measurement at tech
  2. Be more precise in your targeting
  3. Covid 19 has accelerated CTV trends and TV planning needs to begin to incorporate CTV developments. This is having an impact on agency structures to deliver clients a better output of TV combined instead of fragmentation
  4. The linear and OTT side are both accelerating scale and roadmaps to grow addressable solutions for TV
  5. Measurement solutions are still not in a place where we can deliver excellent learnings
  6. Programmatic buying solutions are becoming essential in modern day media buying due to understanding of inventory
  7. Unification of impressions across devices is important for audiences.

OMD are building a bespoke CTV overview and approach to educate the agency and clients,  but also showcase a roadmap of how we are approaching this emerging media opportunity.

Clients need to be aware of the changing landscapes and what this means for their brands, products and TV campaigns. The CTV landscape isn’t complete yet, but demand is increasing and audiences are growing with the growth of Smart TVs.

Memorable quote:

“CTV  should no longer be a choice within the media mix, it should be considered and implemented wherever possible,” – Jay Prasad CSO, Live ramp TV


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