We Cannes Move Onwards and Upwards

It has now been two weeks since my colleagues and I returned from Cannes and a week since our mini Festival Of Creativity hosted at Minerva House.

Being immersed in the best creative work from around the world over the last fortnight has been inspiring.  It has certainly given not only myself, but my team, and the wider agency food for thought on the kind of work we are aiming to create for our clients.

The Festival itself helped spark debate on the winning work – whether it was emoji’s or holograms, everyone had an opinion.

My personal favourite piece of work was for Transavia – a French Airline. The work won a Silver Lion in Media. The airline realised that although flights were becoming cheaper, their consumers still viewed flights as a large purchase. To help their customers reappraise the product, they created a snack range. Each flight was a different snack in the range and cost the price of a seat. The range was sold in grocery stores and, once bought, consumers simply scanned the packet to pick a seat and date to fly.

What I love about this idea is it not only creates a new path to purchase but it all very simply helps change the way the audience views the product. It also helped exponentially develop business growth which is the greatest result of all.

And with that we can bid adieu to OMD’s inaugural Festival Of Creativity, and get to work!


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