Transgender Awareness Week: The Gender Debate

Welcome to our first of five thought-provoking pieces for Transgender Awareness Week. In support of our understanding of the transgender community, today we have for you “The Gender Debate”.

Many people aren’t sure of the difference between gender identity, gender expression, sex assigned at birth, and sexual orientation. It isn’t something many of us are taught. Instead, lots of us end up figuring out what these categories mean on our own, so let’s break it down…

What is sex?

When we are born, doctors decide whether “female” or “male” will be listed on our birth certificate. This is often one of the first instances when gender is ascribed to us. This sex assignment at birth is typically based solely on one’s genitals. The label of one’s sex assignment at birth is often attributed to a child before they can speak, walk, or know for themselves what their gender identity is. As such, sex assignment does not take into account one’s true gender identity.

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