Meet Mojo and Zo – OMD UK’s Creative Interns

Creative duo Martin and Zoe (Mojo and Zo) graduated from the School of Communication Arts in July and are currently on the agency placement circuit. They recently spent two weeks at OMD UK as part of our sponsorship of the school. Here are Mojo’s thoughts on the experience.

To think: this time last year I was in the third month of a course I had no prior experience or knowledge in. And one year on I’ve completed two placements within an industry that – as far as I knew – didn’t actually exist for people like me.

My creative partner Zoe and I just finished a two week placement at OMD UK! What a tease! I felt like a toddler tasting ice-cream for the first time. Worried it might be too cold; wondering whether I would really like it. Then I take the first lick at it! And before you know it, I’m literally smothering my lips around it… and then it falls on the floor! That’s probably how I felt when the two weeks were up! It was great!

I really want to highlight what I believe really made it a great place for Zoe and I. What I believe made it stand out even with my limited knowledge of creative life. They call it ‘Brainstorming’. To some people, this may be a bit of an anti-climax as maybe you were expecting me to say they give out golden bunny rabbits or something like that. The fact is:  brainstorming is brilliant. I’m not going to google the definition. Here is my long definition of brainstorming:

To gather as a team and open each other’s brains. Once you open every brain, you communicate what is inside your brain. Once everyone can see what everyone’s brain has got, you begin to share and add to each other’s brains. So rather than it being a 1+1 equation, it becomes an infinity x infinity equation because our brains and our minds have no boundaries. We can’t define what ideas one person may have when listening to someone else. I believe it has the potential to unlock ideas that will surpass our understanding.

I really want to thank Marc Lewis, School of Communications Arts Dean, for working with OMD UK and creating the opportunity for us via their sponsorship to have a placement there. I also really want to thank and acknowledge Ann Wixley. She has a certain charisma that I couldn’t put my finger on and an energy about really developing insights which is what Zoe and I really love. OMD UK is definitely a place worth looking into especially if you want to experience a media agency with a huge creative influence. It surpassed my expectations within two weeks, gave us opportunities to work on brands such as Disney, Walkers and McDonald’s, and the people there are just awesome!

OMD UK will be missed. Until next time.

Read Zo’s side of the story here


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