Chinese New Year-Open Letters with Stephanie Soh

My Lunar New Year

Being part of the Asian diaspora (as a British-born Malaysian Chinese and Vietnamese) has its perpetual struggles. How do I truly come to terms with my identity when it’s neither here nor there?

Lunar New Year for me is more than just a tradition, it’s a symbolic opportunity to feel at home with my heritage and to be able to embrace the different diversity Asian cultures bring for the New Year.

The usual celebration would entail going to multiple gatherings (both family and friends), where we would prepare food in the kitchen, karaoke, and stay up late to play games. One tradition of the Lunar New Year is receiving money in red envelopes from your elders, as a symbol of prosperity and luck. I have never had to give out any red envelopes, and as I grow older I realise that may change.

This year, of course, things will be different. It will be with just my immediate family, but it will be my first time in the kitchen cooking a Vietnamese dessert from scratch. This year will also be the first time I will be posting a red envelope to my  Goddaughter.

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!



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