Working with Walkers to launch the ‘new’ Monster Munch

Recently,  the OMD UK PepsiCo team worked with Walkers to launch the ‘new’ Monster Munch! 

Walkers launched what appeared to be a new shape of Monster Munch that are shaped like monsters rather than claws. Shoppers can go to stores and find bags of either the original claw shapes, or the ‘new’ monster shapes. The launch was framed as a big innovation, when in actual fact, the new shape was simply the claw shape upside down.

To make this “innovation” famous, we went live on  Twitter Spotlight with the hashtag #NEWMonsterMunch. This generated huge engagement on Twitter, with many consumers thinking that it was a fully-fledged new product launch from Walkers.

The team have also supported the campaign with a Twitter poll, getting the nation to choose if they are Team Claw or Team Monster, with over 40k votes received in the first day.

To round off the campaign, OMD Create teamed up with famous influencer Arron Crascall, who last Thursday revealed the new Monster Munch to the general public (in a covid-responsive way), confusing passers-by, asking them to decide which one tastes better, and generating some great live content on Instagram.

If you have any questions about the campaign, feel free to get in touch with [email protected].


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