OMD UK, The Outfit and Channel 4 deliver first real-time ‘McCafé Moment’ for McDonald’s UK

Tonight, OMD UK, The Outfit and Channel 4’s first-of-its-kind ‘McCafé Moments’ campaign for McDonald’s will deliver its first real-time advert during The Island with Bear Grylls.

This media first will be in the first advertising break and will see the contributors react to content the viewer has just seen in the show.

To support this, the ‘McCafé Moment’ will be amplified during the break on Twitter, surrounding conversations that are already taking place about The Island with Bear Grylls and giving people the chance to relive the moment as they discuss the show.

OMD UK and Channel 4 have worked with Shine TV, producers of The Island with Bear Grylls, to ensure seamless integration of content.

“This ground-breaking campaign was created to weave McCafé into the most talked about TV moments and we are excited to share the latest contextual advert. Seeing real people talk about TV as it happens really brings this campaign to life”, said Faye Gilman, Associate Director at OMD UK.

Chris Braithwaite, Agency Principal at Channel 4 said: “This huge scale and highly collaborative project with OMD UK integrates McDonald’s McCafé brand with some of the key themes, stories and characters across our flagship programmes to really engage with our young and upmarket viewers. Television, and especially Channel 4 content, creates conversation and we’ve built the campaign concept around that.”

“The contextual and unscripted nature of these spots will provide lots of surprises for Channel 4 viewers throughout the campaign. Shooting frequently and as close to transmission as possible means each of the McCafé Moments will deliver an honest and relevant slice of life, and loads of the real passion our contributors have for the TV they love”, said Niall Murdoch, Founding Partner, The Outfit.

McDonald’s, OMD UK, The Outfit and Channel 4 launched this first-of-its-kind partnership in March to promote the full range of McCafé beverages. The hyper contextual TV advertising campaign features real people talking about some of the most significant TV moments across Channel 4 as they happen, whilst enjoying their favourite McCafé beverage.

The hyper-contextual nature of  ‘McCafé Moments’ has never been done before, requiring collaboration with a number of Channel 4’s production partners to provide access to the editorial in advance.

Serving three million people every day, McDonald’s is the biggest seller of traditional coffee in the UK with more than 142 million cups sold in 2014.

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