McDonald’s Player Escort Programme

McDonald’s in Europe, along with OMD, Facebook and YouTube, this year launched a new activation for UEFA Euro 2016 that breathed life into and raised awareness of McDonald’s long-running Player Escort programme.

This scheme gave kids across Europe the opportunity to walk out on the pitch hand in hand with their football heroes and be right in the middle of the championship’s excitement.

The activation was based on the insight that kids have incredible natural enthusiasm and their unfiltered reactions spark the inner kid in their parents and other grown-ups. Through this, McDonald’s could ignite the feel-good, good-neighbour feeling that they want to be associated with – and the UEFA European Championship’s was the perfect platform.

The campaign was an innovative and highly complex activation that delivered near-real-time content from the tournament through the eyes of the Player Escort competition winners – 60-second long-form content in the form of a diary of their experience at the tournament amplified on YouTube targeting parents, while the short-form videos, gifs and images showing the kids’ emotions and reactions to the matches were promoted on Facebook, reaching a wider family audience. This content was tailored to the audience – so if, for example, Slovakia won a match, Slovakians would see content of triumphant, excited children while their defeated opponents would see posts around a ‘better luck next time’ sentiment.

Check out the kids’ experience as England Player Escorts for the UEFA EURO 2016 match against Wales:


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