Doritos and The LADbible set to inspire a bold summer

We’re excited to announce a brand new partnership with Doritos and The LADbible, that will supercharge the summer. The SUMMERbible went live yesterday afternoon and it will host bold content, courageous videos and the best summer hacks on a dedicated online hub that will inspire people to make the most of summer.

The campaign kicked off yesterday with Doritos challenging The LADbible to go on the world’s first 12-hour holiday. The LADbible checked in on Twitter, Periscope and Snapchat to share their whirlwind experience, with the challenge of leaving their office, flying to Ibiza, having an amazing holiday and then being back at their desk by 09:00am this morning. Now that is a challenge FOR THE BOLD! Now they are back, the editing begins to pull together a spectacular piece of video content that will launch as a SUMMERbible article on Sunday.

And that’s just the start! This activity will continue throughout the summer to inspire everyone to go all in and share images and videos of themselves having epic summer adventures with The LADbible. Those who share their bold summer experiences will be eligible to appear on the online hub and be crowned the ‘LADS of the summer’.

Visit the SUMMERbible hub for more information.


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