Channel 4 rolls out The Human Test to find the synths living amongst us

To celebrate the return of Channel 4’s critically acclaimed series Humans, the broadcaster is putting the public to the test with a bespoke app specially created for voice command smart home hubs Google Home and Amazon Echo.

The campaign, created by OMD UK, 4Creative and Screenmedia, launches today. ‘The Human Test’ brings the show’s storyline to life by determining whether a user is human or ‘synth’ through a series of questions and answers, marking the first time a UK broadcaster has used voice innovations Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to promote a TV show

Set in a parallel present, Humans explores what happens when the line between human and machine becomes blurred. The final episode of series two left viewers on a thrilling cliff-hanger when all synths became conscious and almost indistinguishable from humans. Series 3 is set a year later when most humans fear synths and are on a mission to detect those living in disguise amongst them.

Users who take The Human Test and discover they are a synth will be sent a detailed description of their personality type, taken from the Official Synth Manual, which was created by the show’s production company Kudos. For example: Tommy, ‘A synthetic human model designed for manual work’ or Vera, ‘a synthetic human model designed for healthcare work’.

Taking inspiration from the drama’s storyline, the broader marketing campaign will be delivered by The National Synth Detection Unit, a fictional government department, encouraging the public to take the test through a series of ads across TV, social media and radio played using a voice-activated assistant.

Inspired by the Turing test and developed in consultation with a psychologist, The Human Test will ask users a series of questions, such as: “If a robot can feel, should it be granted human rights?”, “True or false: all science is a force for good?” and “Think of the most memorable dream you’ve ever had. Describe how it felt in one word.”

Having taken the test and discovered their true identity users will be directed to a website,, which hosts synth and human profiles, more information about the NSDU, and the series 3 trailer.

Last year it was reported that nearly 25% of all UK homes contain a smart home device. The Humans Test is also available on mobile and in chatbot form at

Humans returns to Channel 4 later this month.


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