The Oscars 2015

After months of speculation, the best films of the year were put head to head in the battle for the elusive golden statue (or Lego statue, as the case may have been). Whether you’re a film fanatic, a fashion fiend, or simply enjoyed hearing about the some-what strange advances of John Travolta, this year’s Oscar’s had it all.

Alongside the winners of those golden guys, an interesting theme surfaced at this year’s 87th Academy Awards: feminism. When receiving her award for best supporting actress, Patricia Arquette dedicated her acceptance speech to equality, using it to voice her opinion on both equal pay and equal rights in America. Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram supporting the hashtag #AskHerMore, challenging reporters to ask actresses questions beyond ‘who are you wearing?’, which quickly trended on twitter. Steve Carrell, however, would have welcomed that question; proudly donning his HeForShe Monique Péan cufflinks, earning him a heartfelt thank you tweet from Emma Watson, the ambassador of the Gender Equality movement.

Brands took to Twitter over the course of last night to promote these positive messages amongst the flurry of red carpet Tweets. It was a great night, and was fantastic to see brands tap into cultural moments as they happened.


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