A night-out in Texas goes south

Last week saw a man in Texas sue his date, all because she texted in a cinema during the film.  According to the Statesman, Brandon Vezmar (aged 37 from Austin, Texas) filed the claim against his date asking for $17.31 to cover the cost of the price of the movie ticket to a 3D showing of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.

This frustration in not being able to switch-off from the digital world is still in the minority, in spite of recent initiatives to help consumers digitally discontent.

According to the latest Ofcom Communications Market Report, the percentage of us who are ‘media stacking’ (e.g. doing two or more unrelated activities at the same time, like watching a film at the cinema and texting) is now deep-rooted and common behaviour done by 90% of us across the entire week.

Whilst this is an annoying habit for some, it provides brands with ample opportunity to further reach and engage with consumers.  Looking at figures from IPA TouchPoints 2016, almost 8% of under-35’s are now using multiple media channels during what has traditionally been solus prime-time TV territory.

When using multiple media

As frustrating as it is for him, Mr Vezmar is now in a world where ‘media stacking’ is ingrained behaviour and our attentional levels are in decline as a result.

A 2015 study by Microsoft found that people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, which highlights the effects that an increasingly digitalised lifestyle is having on our brain.  So, for those of us who have been frustrated by our friends, partners or children’s increasingly adoption of ‘media stacking’, don’t be annoyed at them as it’s just the way they are now!


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