Why brand sustainability is more important than ever

According to the UN, the world’s population is set to hit 9 billion by 2050, requiring the global grain output to increase by 50% and meat production to double. Scary, right?

These facts are becoming increasingly difficult for everyday Brits to ignore and are, as a result, starting to impact their purchase decisions. Areas previously reserved for avid eco-warriors, UK consumers are now conscious of the food waste and carbon footprints associated with brands and are therefore gravitating towards brands that are operating at more sustainable levels.

Because of this preference for brands that are actively tackling environmental problems, brands are starting to shout about their efforts too. For example, Starbucks recently announced plans to trial a completely recyclable ‘Frugalpac’ cup in order to cut down the number of the 2.5 billion paper coffee cups the UK uses sent to landfill each year. This will undoubtedly be a move set to be popular amongst the 75% of Brits that think companies should do more to recycle their packaging (Mintel, 2016).brand-sustainability

With these sustainability problems here to stay and as more and more brands inevitably start providing more ecological options to consumers, the expectations are only set to increase. Brands, therefore, need to be conscious that consumers are constantly scrutinising the honesty and value of their brand and may choose a competitor if these areas are a point of difference. Brands should also constantly strive to create initiatives that reduce or offset the waste they produce and, once implemented, shout about how these actions care for the environment.

Source: Mintel, Hungry Planet.


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