Achieving brand affection through surprise and serendipity

There’s no disputing our embrace of digital tools has made life a little easier – we have apps telling us which tube carriage is the least congested, what nearby restaurants to go to, and how many calories to eat to get the best night’s sleep. But, with no sign of lifestyle tech development slowing down, trends forecaster Future Foundation predict consumers will soon start to relish a release from their over-programmed world, instead craving spontaneity and serendipity.

This trend goes on to suggest that as we become more accustomed to control and predictability, moments of surprise and serendipity will be more valuable and memorable than ever. And it is in these valued moments of escape that brands have the perfect opportunity to make a cultural connection and a lasting impact, and ultimately gain a greater share of people’s lives.

Brands and advertisers have the opportunity to utilise the reams of data at their fingertips to interrupt consumers at the right time with suggestions of spontaneity and creativity, and it will be the brands doing this effectively that will access new depths of consumer affection.

EasyJet’s current ‘Why Not?’ campaign is an excellent example of a brand encouraging consumers to embrace this mind-set, break from routine, and be spontaneous. Capturing the collective consumer mood is an element that works especially well at building a positive brand relationship in this campaign – no one particularly likes Monday, why not jet off to Europe!


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