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This week the hottest headlines include Donald Trump’s attempt to eat KFC and momentum building up for Gary Lineker’s MOTD appearance in his undies.

Fork Licking Good

Republican candidate and probable future President of the United States of America is once again trying to show that he’s “just like you” by tucking into some KFC chicken… with a knife and fork. Y’know just like the slogan suggests!

Twitter, naturally, has taken this one and decided to run with it, as people upload memes and Tweets in their thousands, and numerous news sources mock from afar. It’s certainly not the first time a candidate has been seriously caught out trying to be like Joe Public, so people are having a field day.

Gary Lineker in his Pants

You may well remember Leicester City’s little-known achievement last year of winning the Premier League. The win took the nation by storm and not only thrust the team into the spotlight but cemented their (now not so) unlikely success in the history books.

Parades were had, concerts were put on and fanfare swelled in the city. While some people think it’s all over, it isn’t. You might also remember that lifelong LCFC fan, Gary Lineker, made an incredulous Tweet after beating Chelsea 2-1 of “YES! If Leicester win the @premierleague I’ll do the first MOTD of next season in just my undies.”

The statement was made, Leicester won, and next week on Saturday 13th (unlucky for some) Gary will indeed host the first MOTD of the season in his pants.

And frankly – the news is going to be everywhere.

Guy Free Falls From Space

A video of the first man to completely free fall 25,000 feet without a parachute and land into a net is, as you would expect, starting to trend around the world. Luke Aikins is the daredevil who completed the feat while it was live streamed on Periscope (head to the 12 min mark).

The achievement broke a few days ago but thanks to social networks, it is now finding a wider audience outside of the US. The YouTube video has already passed the 2 million mark, but as momentum quickly picks up, it’s being seen by nearly 10,000 people an hour.


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