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Newsroom’s top trending stories for the week with a great example of a real-time response from one of our clients.

The Ashes

Once again, the Ashes is sweeping across news and social media platforms for all the right reasons. England dismantled the Aussies for 60 all out, and they went on (and continue today) to put a steady score on the board for the visitors to chase. The Ashes has gained nearly 170k mentions, with Stuart Broad (who took eight wickets on the first day) enjoying over 30k, and even James Anderson, our number one bowler who’s out due to an injury, has enjoyed over 15k mentions. Our client, Carlsberg, was the first to respond with a fantastic real-time cultural moment with a cover spread in the Mirror the next day, showcasing their brand’s cheeky personality and showing perfect use of a tactical opportunity.

Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off was a real highlight this week. The nation’s favourite programme did what was predicted and amassed some fantastic engagement levels. It stayed on the Twitter trending list for two days, with over 50k Twitter mentions alone for “Great British Bake Off”, and proves once again the popularity of the series. With the sheer volume of articles written about the show, there was a wonderfully broad age range of people sharing and engaging online, both male and female, all wanting to get in on the action to keep up with their favourite Master Bakers.

The Ear-Ureka Moment! 

A great example of how you never can tell what will tickle the interest of the internet. A seemingly innocuous post from a woman sharing her disbelief that she had, indeed, been wearing earrings wrong her entire life, by simply not taking the plastic part off the back of a new pair. The internet responded by awarding her Twitter picture with an astounding 43k retweets, 42k favourites and a host of news articles from various well-known publications.


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