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The news of the Great British Bake Off making its return on the 5th August has set all social networks alight. We’ve seen excellent engagement levels from all age groups across the country, but the female 25-34 demographic was by far the most prolific. The sheer volume of articles surrounding the show from national to regional was incredible, and it grabbed the top spot on the Twitter trending list. With last year’s series clocking up more than 13 million viewers, we expect to see the same level of engagement when the new series beings.


Tesco has been the talk of the town this week with the rather odd announcement that they are banning Ribena and Capri Sun from their stores from the 7th of September, to help curb child obesity. But the supermarket giant has no plans to remove the likes of Coca-Cola, or other sugary drinks from their shelves, begging the question “what’s the point”. Naturally the internet jumped at the chance to point this out with Tesco and Ribena unfortunately becoming a popular trend all week as more and more people joined the conversation to mock the decision.

When Rap Attacks

The feud this week between rappers Drake and Meek Mill has been a delight to listen to and read about. The two have been penning diss songs to each other all because Meek said Drake didn’t write his own lyrics and Drake said he did and then proved it. But the Twitter engagement has been incredible. The two have amounted well over 10 million mentions this week, with people picking camps to mock the other, much to everyone’s amusement.


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