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This week Newsroom has three great examples of key moments we promise to identify to keep brands culturally connected.

They are: 

  •  The Real Time Trend
  • The Cultural Zeitgeist
  • The Planned Cultural Event

Let’s take a look.

The Real Time Trend – Half and Half

On Wednesday, we identified a current trend of women taking selfies with makeup covering only half of their face. The hashtag #thepowerofmakeup gained great traction (and is still growing in search terms and usage) on Instagram and Twitter, amongst others.  It was picked up by our makeup brand Rimmel, who are going live with social posts today. A great example of reactive media on a simple level driving engagement to their social accounts.

The Cultural Zeitgeist – Rise of the Modern Dad

On Monday we spoke about the rise of the ‘cool dad’ and how modern day fatherhood is being depicted in social media. Whether its  Instagram accounts of dads braiding hair or making their kids into superheroes, it’s safe to say the lazy media portrayal of the dopey/clumsy dad are gone, and the rise of the modern dad is here to stay. Watch out for more articles on this topic as it starts to come more and more into the spotlight.

Viva alternative parenting! 

The Planned Cultural Event – Premier league season

The transfer window burst wide open with the huge news of Chelsea’s Petr Cech signing for Arsenal. Twitter lit up and engagement levels, as they always do around this time, skyrocketed as all eyes turn towards the new season, which starts on Saturday 8th August. A great example of a huge event we already know will have incredible coverage and excitement surrounding it, leading us to think about how we can make the brand and cultural agenda have a perfect fit.


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