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Has it really been that long?! Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls’ release “Wannabe”, and the beginning of the Girl Power movement that catapulted Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Baby and Posh into stardom.

Wannabe is currently trending on Twitter, as users get excited about the video made by three of the girls who talk about a party/reunion and a possible rebrand called GEM (Gerri, Emma and Mel)

It looks like there are still ways to spice up your life!

The wannabe video has also just been redone by Global Goals to highlight and give a voice to many girls and women who deserve to be educated, paid and treated equally, and who are the victims of being the spoils of war.

The video has been viewed over 761k times and is being watched 10k times an hour.

Plenty Of Gears To Grind

With the continued trend of gentlemen stepping down from their positions, Chris Evans adds to what can only be described as a man-valanche as he steps down (after making the announcement on Twitter, which went straight to the number 1 trending position) from presenting Top Gear after only one series.

It’s huge news for the Beeb that will no doubt delight the fans who, after an audience of 4.3m on the launch night, switched off in their droves leaving the sixth and final episode slumped under 2m. Will we see Le Blanc steer the show on his own?

The TG fans are certainly a vocal bunch whom we expect to hear a lot more from as the new series comes into play.

Adults On The Rise On Snapchat

Snapchat. The place for cool kids to “do their thang”. It’s a platform that has always been synonymous with millennials, as brands vie to reach them through new technologies and creative ideas. But now, it looks like the “oldies” are giving their kids a run for their money.

Research shows that 70% of all smartphones have Snapchat on them, and not only that but in the US 14% of the users are 35 and over. Shock horror!

Are we about to see an “older generation” steal the kids’ toys, or will the very presence of them make the “kids” turn off?

Let’s wait and see.



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