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Watered Down Watership Down

The incredibly terrifying and hauntingly upsetting animated children’s film Watership Down was trending on Twitter this week, as we hear that Netflix and the BBC are teaming up to create a four-part animated series adaptation with a star-studded cast. The film, which caused mass hysteria from parents when it was shown on Easter Sunday on Channel 5, is a dark adventure classic about rabbits escaping their warren, which is being destroyed, to find a new home. Many radio shows, as well as morning TV and online publications, have been having fun while lamenting about when they first watched it as a child, and taking a rather amusing angle that if they endured it, so should the kids of today, as it looks like the BBC will be watering down the original to make it a little more child friendly.

Ready, Set, DRONE

We all know about, and many have probably already used VR in a gaming sense, but it looks like there could be another new kid on the block coming to us soon. Mind-controlled drones. Drones have been around for a while and are already big business in the states, and drone racing has already bagged itself a sporting spot on ESPN. But mind-controlled drones have now been created, tested and unleashed in the first ever mind-controlled drone race (the US military looked to test mind-control technologies a few years back, but this is for public use).

Move over geeky handhelds and hello Jedi mind tricks! It’s very basic at the moment but incredibly exciting (or terrifying) for future technologies in either the gaming world or the medical one, for the prevention of Alzheimer’s as just one example of how it could possibly contribute to society.

A gift of wood

Last week, things were very British, what with celebrations around Shakespeare Day, and the Queen’s birthday. And the royal festivities aren’t stopping there. Today marks the 5th wedding anniversary of Wills and Kate, which traditionalists will be celebrating with wood. There is always fantastic coverage with the royals, and millions of Britons and other nations come together to celebrate with the royal family.


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