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Forget the FBI vs Apple conflict. WhatsApp has announced that it’s now encrypting all communications for its billion users worldwide. This kind of protection against our data bolsters a great amount of debate from both sides of the argument. Not only are the everyday person’s personal details and messages protected, but so are the terrorists’ and other criminals’ activities, as well as whistleblowers who may not have stepped forward for fear of attack. It’s a fascinating debate usually with Joe public on one side and the government and policing services on the other.

This story certainly grabs the attention of the public as it’s covered by publications worldwide.

Trump loses it

Donald Drumpf has failed in Wisconsin, as the news trends on many platforms worldwide as Ted Cruz (the lesser of two huge evils) steals a win. Hilary Clinton also had to bow to Bernie Sanders as the race for Presidential candidates continues to thrill and terrify us all into mass debate as The Donald now heads to New York to rally.

Kidz rule

The Green Party has made another absolutely hilarious film highlighting the in-fighting, squabbles, party self-interest and unfair policies that other parties have, all while making a fantastic pitch for people to vote Sian Berry on May 5th to be London Mayor. The video is starting to gain views as publications also cover how clever they’ve been. Take a look for yourself. It’s a bold approach to break the old and stuffy way that party political broadcasts are usually handled.

Buzz surrounding The Mayor of London & London Assembly elections, which are on 5th May, is starting to pick up.



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