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Four Candles 

The sad news that Ronnie Corbett, 85, has passed away has swept across our social media. Tributes are pouring in and comedy legends have stepped forward to tip their hats. We expect to see plenty of old clips of The Two Ronnie’s surfacing, and plenty of the old jokes making their way back into modern day conversation.

He was one of our best-loved comedians who saw his heyday in the 70’s and 80’s, but was still cracking funnies on modern day TV.

The Line Up

#Glastonbury has started to trend on Twitter this week, as the full line-up for the No.1. music festival is announced. With some huge names in the mix like Adele, Muse, Coldplay and the Foals, excitement has certainly taken off online.

Brent is Back

Ricky Gervais has posted on his official blog news about the return of David Brent in the upcoming August release of “Life on the Road”. Test screenings have already been shown with brilliant reports coming back. The Office has such a huge fan base we expect to see a lot of online chatter in the lead up to the UK release with favourite Brent quotes and clips.

But that is not the only chatter we’re seeing.

Gervais also has a new movie called the “Special Correspondence”, which has just dropped its first trailer. Gervais has a huge online presence, as he is often embroiled in debates or light-hearted back and forths with fans or opposers.



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