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The Elizabeth Line

The introduction of a new Crossrail route has been unveiled, connecting London to Essex and Reading. All hail the Elizabeth Line (quickly to be renamed the Lizzie line), and people have been rather frasmotic about it.

With each posting, articles have generated over 160x the normal amount of traction and it’s not even open yet, which of course means brands have plenty of time to plan something that would resonate during the grand opening in May next year.

#ElizabethLine was trending on Twitter causing lots of fun reactions, including this one from a lady called… Elizabeth Line.

The Brits

Emotions were running high at the Brit Awards on Wednesday night.

A teary eyed Adele scooped up another 4 awards to add to her collection, one of which was awarded from space by astronaut Tim Peake.

David Bowie was remembered and celebrated by Gary Oldman and Annie Lennox who paid a heartfelt tribute, as well as Lorde who sang ‘Life On Mars’ alongside Bowie’s old band.

Winners include Justin Beiber, One Direction, James Bay and Coldplay.

All the feelings

Facebook have never been afraid of altering their design, despite these changes not always being well received.

This week Facebook rolled out a new way to express your feelings. The five new buttons are called Reactions and make it easier to express yourself, whether you chose to click ‘love’ ‘wow’ ‘sad’ and ‘angry’ or stick with the classic ‘like’.

For now, Facebook will count each of the new Reactions the same way it counts a Like, although that may change over time. Not the ‘dislike’ button people were hoping for, but it’s nice to know that the most popular button so far has been ‘love’. Aw.


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