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The madness of Kanye continues as he publicly asks Murk Zuckerberg and Larry Page to help with his $53m debt so he can keep making music. People have gone wild for the story on Twitter as Kanye’s rants pull in thousands upon thousands of retweets, but his latest begging spree is shocking fans as people wait to see if he gets taken up on his plea.

The Grammys

The Grammys had a troubled time as sound issues hijacked the night, including in the middle of Adele’s performance, which saw the singer briefly wide-eyed as her mic cut out.

But there was a huge winner of the night, and that was Taylor Swift. She became the first female artist to win Album of the Year for the second time, and she took the opportunity to subtly hit back at Kanye West and to set the record straight that her incredible achievements are down to her own drive, talent and ambition.

Also Lady Gaga stole the show with an incredible David Bowie tribute, which saw fans take to social platforms to praise her talents and remember his.

Black Door

There are widespread reports this week about the “back door” option (court order) Apple are being “asked” to create by the FBI, so they are able to technically access anybody’s phone if they so wish (this has come off the San Bernardino killings last December).

Tim Cook has naturally come out in fierce opposition of this, as the implications could jeopardise Apple customers’ privacy in the future.


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