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Let’s take a look back at the stories with the most interactions from the public this week.

Kill Bill

Bill took over your Facebook life recently, as you either uploaded your personalised version of the new meme, or you find that it’s driving you to distraction. ‘Be like Bill’ is (still) there to highlight small online and social annoyances but has ironically became one himself. The first post was only a few weeks ago and it gained over 1.5m likes as more and more people upload their personal ‘Be Like…’ to their own wall, and subsequently to everyone else’s news feed.

It seems that there’s a new kid on the block though. The alternative ‘don’t be like’ meme is giving the haters an opportunity to join in.

Chicken King

Who says petty crime doesn’t pay to be an internet God for a day? Well this lucky lad certainly didn’t. He found his renegade antics blow up the internet, when the public heralded him as the Chicken King. On his last day working at Burger King, he decided to leave in style by nicking all the chicken nuggets and uploading a picture of the spoils from his successful evil plan. His tweet had nearly 40k likes and over 33k retweets, as he cemented himself in internet history.

Don’t look at the new meme

It had only been a mere 24 hours before many memes had started to spin off this hilarious cat picture, uploaded by an imgur user. It’s now been viewed over 1.6m times as countless internet editors use it for their own, and everyone else’s, amusement.

There’s no telling what makes cracking internet meme fodder, you just have to be quick to join the social antics.

Parents in Pyjamas

The heat is still turning up online after a teacher’s letter surfaced, requesting parents not to drop their children off at school in their pyjamas. Online back lash supporting the letter is picking up momentum, against the few who remain resistant to the request, claiming their children should be able to wear what they want. Some parents are trying to rally others into turning up to school in their sleeping garments. Classy.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the story is still gaining strong reactions, with articles seeing over 50k interactions as momentum continues to grow.


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