You can’t build and keep audiences without video content

Darren Khan, Managing Director from Genero was introduced to an eager audience this morning.

Genero is a software company that connects brands, agencies, publishers, record labels and more directly with a growing number of creatives in 220 different countries who are able to make high quality and engaging content. A self-proclaimed Uber or Airbnb of the video world.

Darren discussed how the premise of not being able to build and keep an audience without video content is driven out of an ever-changing media landscape where 100% more time is spent on web pages with video content and blog posts with videos are linked to three times more than standard text posts.

The key to Genero’s success is the authentic storytelling, beyond that of the TVC, taking a supportive role to media and creative agencies allowing clients to tell their own story in relevant and captivating ways. After all, storytelling delivers 1900% more mentions than traditional ads in social media and 92% of consumers want ads to feel like a story. Supremely interesting for the video planners in the room was Genero’s attitude towards time lengths, unlike some traditional creative agencies, once they have fully understood the distribution strategy and channel there is careful consideration to time lengths, ranging from 90”, 30”, 10” and down to 5”.

Genero proved to be a very interesting platform which can work with and enhance more traditional TV copy to develop a brand’s story online.


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