What’s your brand?

Glamour model Katie Price (AKA Jordan) may seem like an incongruous panelist for Ad Week Europe, but when you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense. Katie was joined by Kathleen Saxton, Founder & CEO of headhunting firm The Lighthouse Company, and flamboyant Robin Wight, President of Engine Group to talk about how to build and manage ‘Brand You’. And no-one can make a greater claim to being a brand in her own right than Katie Price.

The word that came up time and time again during the session was ‘authenticity’. All the panellists seemed to agree that being true to who you really are is a far more enjoyable and sustainable way to be, than putting on an artificial veneer for the benefit of others; whether it be the occasional cry at work (Kathleen), sharing your bi-polar status (Robin), or admitting that you’re in it for the money (Katie), these are the qualities that make us who we are, and that people are often drawn to.

For us as marketers, that authenticity message seems as relevant for the brands we look after too.


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