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The APA newsletter plopped into my inbox yesterday.  Whilst perusing it, it was pretty difficult to escape these exhortations:

Two ‘facts’.  I have no reason to doubt their veracity, but aside from ‘tweeting’ them, I don’t know what to do with them.

What am I to make of the fact that 37% of all branded content is digital?  Simple mathematics tells me that the majority of branded content isn’t digital.  More than that I can’t say.  The number seems very low.  Surely most, if not all, content is now digital, in some form or another?  It may be consumed in analogue form, of course, but exists digitally somewhere.  Or maybe it doesn’t.

What about the next fact.  Mathematics again tells me that a majority of financial firms are using content marketing.  But then financial firms, in general, don’t have a reputation as being great marketers.  Is this to do with their use of content marketing?  Or not?

And what happens to these facts now?  After they’ve been tweeted, and re-tweeted and re-re tweeted in virtual purgatory.  Are they just forgotten?  Or does somebody, somewhere rescue them?  Take them in and give them context and meaning, use them to explain some grand phenomenon, some great change.  Give them a role and a purpose in a bigger story.  Make them feel fulfilled, part of something greater and bigger than just themselves alone.

That’s what I hope happens.  But I’m feeling sentimental today.


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