The Tech Off

On Thursday night, we braced ourselves for the blood, sweat and tears of the Tech Off, hosted by Techdept.

Best described as the love child of TED talks and WWF, this event is a battle of ideas. Anything goes as long as it’s about technology – and there could only be one winner, chosen by the OMD UK audience.

We had seven speakers who were given five minutes each to wow the crowd.

The line-up included:

  • Toby Gunton, OMD UK’s Head of Innovation, on the power of failure
  • Ann Wixley, our Creative Director, explained her very own G.A.S test
  • Ian Hambleton, Group MD at Output Group, on the importance of magic and ideas
  • Chris Lewis-Jones, Strategic Partnerships Director at OMD UK, gave a passionate speech on ridding the world of useless marketing jargon
  • Ugo Vallauri, Co-Founder of the Restart Project, on empowering people to reduce their electronic waste by sharing repair and maintenance skills
  • Richard Grundy, Co-Founder & CTO of Techdept, on how art and science are inextricably linked
  • As well as a wildcard: our very own Steve Eastwood who took us through a history of his personal experience of social media

And what a battle it was! Ugo Vallauri was crowned the overall winner of the night, taking home The Tech Off Winner’s Belt.

Congrats Ugo and thanks to Techdept for hosting such a fantastic event!


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