Realising the data dream

Our very own CEO Dan Clays joined a panel of experts at AdWeek yesterday, discussing the challenges brands face when realising their data dreams… if there is such a thing.

Being a media planner by trade, one of the most interesting elements of the discussion was how the role of planning is changing in our data-driven world. Dan talked about how the amount of real time data meant the distance between planning and optimisation has shortened significantly.

Graham Wylie from AppNexus talked about how brands can now use data to have more engaging conversations with consumers. Programmatic has allowed richer detail around context with 5-6 data points available versus 1-2 previously.

Philip Moredecai from Curzon Home Cinema gave the client’s view and explained that multiple data points help them curate content – from trailers to apps, vouchers to search. New cinemas used to be given 1.5 years to prove themselves – this decision can now be made within 6 months.

Chris Duncan from News UK championed the need for data to be shared and warned any agencies preventing this as it was the “lubricant of modern business”. Geo filter data is allowing them to plan targeted campaigns for the Euros based on Home nation results.

Appnexus predicted a future where all media planners will create multiple scenarios for different situations – or “compelling journeys based on data”. You’ll find it reassuring to know machine learning can’t do planning in real-time. Programmatic is apparently a black box – the industry needs to shift towards programming the black box.

Dan highlighted the need for transparency while also working with clients to establish how much data they wanted to look at. Clients want measurability but don’t need to see all the data.

How much data do you need to realise your client’s dreams? Now there’s a question.


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