OMD UK, The Outfit and Channel 4 create ‘McCafé Moments’

McDonald’s, OMD UK, The Outfit and Channel 4 have today launched a first-of-its-kind partnership to promote the full range of McCafé beverages.

A brand new contextual TV advertising campaign will feature real people enjoying their favourite McCafé beverage, whilst talking about some of the most significant TV moments across Channel 4 as they happen.

Launching today and running for the remainder of 2015, the campaign will run in popular peak-time programmes, such as Made In Chelsea, The Island, One Born Every Minute and new show Taking New York, and many more across Channel 4, E4 More4 and Channel 4’s new digital service All 4.

This campaign is the first-of-its-kind on this scale, showcasing McCafé’s wide range of drinks including coffee, premium iced beverages and promotional flavours, through innovative creative advertising spots which immediately reflect the programmes the viewers are watching.

Through creative partner The Outfit, four sets of contributors have been selected to become the faces of the McCafé partnership and TV viewers will get to know them as the campaign develops. The contributors are real-life McDonald’s customers with a natural passion for talking about their favourite Channel 4 programmes.

The creative, which ties in contextually to the programming it is placed next to, will feature different levels of integration, from being thematically relevant to the programme subject matter, to referencing specific storylines and characters from particular shows. Across key Channel 4 programmes in 2015, certain executions will have an ‘as live’ feel as the contributors react to content the viewer has just seen, embedding McCafé into these key TV moments.

The hyper-contextual nature of this campaign has never been done before, requiring collaboration with a number of Channel 4’s production partners to provide access to the editorial in advance.

“This ground-breaking partnership between McDonald’s, Channel 4 and OMD UK uses a format people know and love, weaving ‘McCafé Moments’ into the fabric of television. We’re excited to watch the authentic and entertaining conversations between real, down-to-earth people that will brilliantly showcase McCafé’s range of products”, said Jess Roberts, Managing Partner – Client Development at OMD UK.

“The contextual and unscripted nature of these spots will provide lots of surprises for Channel 4 viewers throughout the campaign. Shooting frequently and as close to transmission as possible means each of the McCafé Moments will deliver an honest and relevant slice of life, and loads of the real passion our contributors have for the TV they love”, said Niall Murdoch, Founding Partner, The Outfit.

Serving three million people every day, McDonald’s is the biggest seller of traditional coffee in the UK with more than 142 million cups sold in 2014.

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