OMD UK is first media agency sponsor of SCA

OMD UK announces its official sponsorship of the School of Communication Arts (SCA), following the appointment of Ann Wixley as the first Creative Director of OMD UK in November 2012. OMD UK is the first media agency to sponsor the school, a partnership established to mark OMD UK’s commitment to creativity through supporting the development of creative talent joining the industry.

Starting in March this year, OMD UK will run an on-going internship programme with the SCA.  SCA graduates will join the agency’s small creative team, working on live client briefs under the direction of Wixley, who has mentored at the SCA for the last 2 years.

Wixley says: “We’re excited to get to work with young creative talent starting out in their careers and extremely proud to provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills within a broader communications environment, challenging traditional views of where creative talent typically resides”.

Marc Lewis, Dean of the SCA, says: “I am thrilled to be welcoming OMD UK as a new sponsor, helping to fund scholarships at School of Communication Arts.  We pride ourselves on bringing the best talent to the best agencies and we stand for diversity.  Whilst most of our partners are traditional creative agencies, it speaks volumes that OMD UK are the first media agency to support and nurture creative talent.  We are very proud to be able to say that the Media Network of the Year [in 2012 OMD was named M&M’s Global Media Agency of the Year] has joined our family of supporters because we teach our students that you can judge someone by the company they keep.  With OMD UK we are in great company”.


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