OMD UK Covid-19 Consumer Impact Report- Week 50

Many children have gone back to school this week, and although some are worried about the impact this will have on our progress out of lockdown, parents are significantly happier about the return to schools than most! Alongside this, optimism around post-COVID activities continues to rise, including interest in holiday research and bookings.

Some other key take outs from this week are:

  • The nation are feeling slightly happier (+1ppt) and less anxious (-6ppts) this week, however, there has been a slight drop in optimism (-4ppts) and satisfaction (-3ppts).
  • Less people report that money is tight at the moment (-3ppt), however optimism around future business conditions (-6ppt) has declined this week.
  • After a significant rise in confidence in the government last week, this metric has declined slightly in the last 7 days (dropping 3ppts) with people voicing their concerns over children returning to school this week.
  • Worry is the most prominent emotion over children returning to schools for the nation, but parents are significantly more likely than average to feel happy about it.
  • Optimism as a result of COVID-19 vaccinations continues to rise, with two thirds now optimistic about returning to activities that were halted.
  • As the vaccine roll-out continues and people look ahead to June, interest in booking a holiday continues to rise, as well as researching flights, both up 3ppts this week.

You can read the full report in detail below:

OMD UK COVID-19 Consumer Impact Report – Week 50

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