OMD FWD w/c 5th September

This week on FWD we have the blocking of ad-blocking, a raft of Facebook product developments and how a good social profile could get you a loan (sort of).


  • EU has moved to block mobile networks’ ad-blocking ambitions
  • All out of Nerf? Amazon launches Dash, the press-to-order product buttons in Europe
  • Samsung recalls its latest smartphone due to concerns about the Lithium battery explosions
  • Taking on Snapchat? How instant video messaging is now open to Facebook Messenger users


  • Google will find the insights for you after injecting machine learning into their app analytics
  • How to make the most of Instagram’s new zoom feature
  • What to speculatively expect from Apple’s conference this Wednesday


  • Nintendo aims to tap into gaming nostalgia by bringing back the cartridge for its new console
  • Image recognition software Deepmask and Sharpmask (owned by Facebook) are being opened sourced
  • Take yourself off Facebook? You can only find Snapchat on Snapchat moving forward



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