OMD FWD w/c 4th July

A week on from Brexit, we look at what digital tells us about the state of the nation, how GIFs are everything to social messenger platforms and that hologram karaoke is a thing.


  • Apple plans to acquire the artist owned streaming service Tidal
  • Snapchat announces Chat 2.0, aimed at combining video, audio, stickers and GIFs
  • Facebook Messenger for business updates galore (including GIFs, obviously)


  • Memes, EU citizens and Canada. What the UK digital fallout from Brexit can tell us.
  • Why Facebook’s algorithm shift toward friend and family content is good news for social video
  • How Uber plans to use mobile technology to track employee driving performance


  • Hologram Karaoke is a thing and means you could take the stage with your favourite artist in the future
  • Apple patents technology which could prevent people using their iPhones to film at gigs, but have released 4 new emoji packs to make up for it
  • Old Spice has launched an 8-bit social game and you’re the star

Deep reads

  • Speaking of social gaming, remember Farmville? How social gaming can suffer from an over-reliance on Facebook
  • More Brexit? What we can learn from opposing Brexit social media strategies
  • What are the possibilities of Oculus Rift lifting its device restrictions

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