OMD FWD w/c 23rd October

In this edition of FWD, there are a number of social updates such as Facebook’s Explore feed on Desktop, self-destructing statuses and a WhatsApp update which allows your friends to track your location.   Whilst Burger King challenges our social conscience, actor Will Ferrell shows why it’s time to put down your mobile phone.


  • The IAB created the digital ad ‘gold standard aimed to improve the quality of digital advertising, with major players such as Google, The Guardian and News UK pledging their commitment in an open letter
  • Friends can now track your whereabouts in real time on WhatsApp
  • Plenty of updates from Facebook, including their recent purchase of the app TBH which encourages teenagers to compliment each other, the launch of Explore Feed on desktop to help improve organic reach, self-destructing status updates and In-App Purchases for Instant Games
  • Snapchat and NBC Universal are partnering together to deliver original content as they go up against the likes of Amazon and Netflix


  • For those of you who like stats, Activate’s Michael Wolf presents a wealth of insights for tech and media
  • The IAB reports that online video overtakes spends in banner advertising for the first time
  • Thought Snapchat usage would be the same at a football game as a party? Think again, as the most popular places are revealed


  • Burger King’s social experiment highlights the problem of teen bullying
  • Funny man Will Ferrell shows just how much mobile phones are interrupting family time
  • Spotify announces their new program Rise to promote new artists



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